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What are financial alternatives to filing bankruptcy?

                                     ♦   If your main concern is creditors' harassment, there are federal and state debt collection laws that help
                                          protect you from debt collector abuse and misconduct.

                                     ♦   You can attempt to negotiate with creditors to make manageable payments or sell assets to pay off the principal
                                          on loans. Short-term negotiation might provide some time for your financial situation to change, or your creditors
                                          might settle for a lump sum payment of less than you owe.

                                     ♦   There are nonprofit credit or debt counseling agencies that help you make a budget and negotiate with your 
                                          creditors. You can work with these agencies to repay your debts and improve your credit rating. Be careful that
                                          you select a reputable credit counseling agency. Be wary of agencies that front load attorney fees and costs.
                                          The U.S. Treasury's Office lists approved firms on its site: 


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