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How do I save my home from foreclosure?

                                    ♦   There are several avenues to help save your home from foreclosure. You can talk over options with a
                                        foreclosure avoidance counselor. HUD-approved housing counseling agencies can give you information
                                        and assistance. You might be eligible for a loan modication or refinance to reduce your monthly payments.

                                    ♦   Talk with your lender. Mortgage lenders have workout options that help you make payments to keep your 
                                        home. These options work best when you are only one or two payments behind. The farther behind you are,
                                        the fewer option you have.

                                    ♦   Besides HUD's mortgage insurance programs, your state or local government or other organizations might have
                                        programs to help you avoid foreclosure. Find out more information about any of these avenues at 

                                    ♦   If a loan modification is unavailable, or your lender is unwilling to refinance your mortgage, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy 
                                                  can stop a foreclosure and allow you to pay your mortgage arrearage over time. In order to finance a Chapter 13 Plan,
                                                  you must be able to recommence your current mortage payments, cover your regular monthly living expenses, and have
                                                  additional funds available to pay the Trustee to cure your mortgage over time. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually contem-
                                                  plates repayment of a percentage of unsecured debt, also.

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